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       The Tiny or smaller house market is developing. There are several different approaches and applications that continue to evolve. It is no longer just a trend but a sustainable solution to a minimalist lifestyle that will eventually find its way into conventional housing. The Idea of Living in a smaller footprint is nothing new and until recently viewed as an economic choice. In America affluence has dictated success by the size of your home and the brand of your car. Regardless of your demographic we are all affected by the status quo. “Eco-Built”® homes is working hard at changing the “status quo”. “We are working on “Developing the Future Living Environment”® providing a high quality smaller home that accommodates this growing market on several levels. From smaller permanent site built homes to portable IRC residential code compliant homes.     

      “Eco-Built”® portable home  vs Tiny Home

      It is important to understand the difference between an “Eco-Built”® portable home and a “Tiny House on Wheels”. Because a typical “Tiny house” is built on a trailer frame and is inspected and titled as a recreational Vehicle it is considered by law for recreational purposes. There are park model homes as described by HUD that are considered residential code compliant if inspected and built according to the IRC residential code. They are not designed to travel and are typically 12’ wide and can be over 14’ high. They are on a trailer frame designed strictly for delivering the home to a semi-permanent location. They are very costly to relocate and require special trucks and permits to move. 

   Energy Efficent and Residential code compliant

An “Eco-Built”® portable home was designed to provide both IRC code compliance and ease of mobility. Each of our homes is inspected as code compliant meeting the same requirements as a site built home. They have their own “patented” skid frame that has an engineering stamp that approves the skid frames as an acceptable foundation method for our homes.  With a push of a button our homes retract from 16’ to just 8’ 6” in width for transport. They have fork lift pockets allowing them to be loaded with a standard fork lift. They can easily be transported on a standard car or flatbed trailer. In the retracted position our homes are not over widths, height or weight, allowing them to be shipped via a trucking company as standard freight on a flatbed trailer. Another unique feature is that our standard homes are all electric requiring just 50 amps of power, no propane needed. They are filled with closed cell foam insulation and are designed to withstand climate extremes from negative- 40 ̊F below zero to +125  ̊F. We use only full dimensional select structural lumber that is Torq screwed together. Are patented steel skid frames are fully welded together and have tow hooks allowing them to actually be dragged over short distances if needed. For more info and a list of features

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